Things to consider when choosing an electric skateboard

Buying an ideal electrical skateboard will provide you with top performance and maximum comfort. However, this can be a daunting task as there many brands of electric skateboard available in the market. Most of the buyers are not knowledgeable about the things to consider when choosing an electric skateboard.

Here is an ultimate guide for choosing the best electric skateboard in the market.

What to consider when choosing an electric skateboard

#1. Motor

The type of size of the motor determines the performance of the electric skateboard. In this case, you should look for a brushless dc motor as it is light and very efficient. Usually, the wattage range of the motor is 400 to 2000 watts. A 400-watt motor will work perfectly for flat terrain. On the other hand, a 2000-watt motor will ride up on steep hills.


#2. Battery

Are the batteries lithium of sealed Lead acid? Usually, sealed lead acid batteries are cheaper than lithium. However, lithium batteries are lighter and have high charge density. Lead acid batteries make the electric skateboard weigh up to 40 pounds which can reduce maneuverability.

#3. Range

This is one of the things to consider when choosing an electric skateboard. A skateboard with less range is lighter but you will need to carry or push your board is traveling long distances. On the other hand, a board with long range is heavier but will enable you to travel long distances.

#4. Weight

If you need to carry the board along with you around school campus or in public transport, then lightweight is preferable.

#5. Price

How much can you afford to pay? Cheaper boards will give you all you need, but the expensive board will offer you long service. Moreover, expensive boards are lighter with long range and top speed.

#6. Features

Some skateboards have basic features, but others have extra features. Some electric skateboards have battery indicators, speedometers, regenerative braking, reverse modes, auto braking, and auto turn off after you finish riding. If you want electric skateboard with extra features, you should be prepared to pay more.

#7. Wheels


The hardness and size of the wheel play a crucial role when choosing the right electric skateboards. Large and soft wheels offer you a smoother ride while smaller wheels are lighter. On the other hand, tires are perfect for off-road conditions. Moreover, hard wheels are good for sliding.

#8. Warranty

Warranty is one of the things to look when choosing an electric skateboard. Choose board with long warranty as you will get quick replacements.


Choosing the right electric skateboard can be a daunting task. However, these things to consider when choosing an electric skateboard will enable you to get reliable and durable boards on the market. You can also visit to see your different options.