How Does Lyft Work? What You Should Know

Ride-sharing has become a popular thing especially to people who do not have a car and are looking for affordable transportation to run their errands. Lyft is one of the on-demand ride sharing services available in the United States. The service operates in conjunction with drivers in the community by presenting a platform through which people in need of transportation can request rides just by the tap of their Smartphone. Having found out that, the next question in your mind is probably how does Lyft work and how can you be part of the Lyft community whether as a passenger or a driver?

How does Lyft work?

If you are interested in the next generation of transportation technology, you first need to own a Smartphone. What you need to do next is download the app onto your Smartphone. If you are a first timer user of Lyft, you are required to enter a Lyft promo code, for your first free ride.

Step by step guides to getting a Lyft ride

Step one

Make a request on your app so that you can get matched with a friendly driver in your community who is nearest to your current position.

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Keep track of your driver response time on your app so that you know how long and far he is. You will also get to see his photograph¬†and the license plate number of the drivers car so that you will recognize him/her easily. The driver’s car will have a pink mustache so that you can spot it quickly.

Step three

Once you have reached your destination, you are required to pay with your phone and if you want to you can rate your driver.

Lyft fare charges

Currently, Lyft uses two methods of charging their fares. One way is where the passenger makes a donation from the suggested amount although the passenger is the one who decides on the amount they want to pay. The alternative way is where the fares are charged depending on the time and the distance covered. This includes a minimum fare which the passenger is required to pay regardless of the distance covered.

Requirements to be a Lyft driver

If you want to become a Lyft driver, there are some certain conditions t63et6y237edu82i9ia92that you must meet. Firstly, you must be at least 21 years of age, and you have held a the United States driver’s license for at least one year A background check on you will be done to indicate your driving record and any criminal history. Your vehicle will also be inspected to ensure it meets Lyft’s vehicle list of standards. If you meet all these and other requirements, then you are good to become a Lyft driver.